Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is an innovative treatment that dentists use to whiten your smile. Laser technology is used for whitening teeth. Laser technology can produce faster results by interacting with gel. The whole process can be completed in less than an hour. Laser teeth whitening has many benefits. It is a costly procedure and requires a visit from the dentist. Continue reading for more information. For more information, visit a laser dentistry clinic. Laser teeth whitening is quick and easy. A rubber dam is placed in your mouth by the dentist. The dentist then applies the whitening gel to your teeth. The laser activates a metal accelerator, which converts the bleaching gel into oxygen. The oxygen penetrates the enamel at lower levels. After the treatment, your teeth will appear five to six shades lighter. After the treatment, you can continue to brush your teeth. Laser teeth whitening can be a great way to get rid of staining. To prevent the bleaching gel touching your gums, the dentist will place a protective layer over them. The laser activates the whitening gel by applying it to your teeth. After the gel has foamed, it is left on for several minutes. The gel can be removed from your mouth and rinsed out to reveal the pearly whites. You should be aware that this treatment may cause some sensitivity. Laser teeth whitening is painless and quick. Your smile will look five to six shades lighter in just one visit. The professional will make a tray to fit your mouth. To activate the gel, the laser activates a mineral accelerator within the gel. This will allow oxygen to penetrate the enamel at lower levels and make it more effective in whitening teeth. If you desire to see faster results, you can buy home whitening kits. Laser teeth whitening is the best method to whiten your teeth. Laser teeth whitening can be faster than home whitening gels, and your teeth will become whiter in less time. This method can bring back your smile's youthful beauty and brightness. You can get the best results with lasers in just one session. It is not permanent, and can cause complications. Laser teeth whitening can be expensive. The treatment costs from $400 to $1,500 which seems reasonable for a whiter smile. Laser teeth whitening can cause sensitivity to light and discomfort. It is rare for this side effect to be serious. To get the best results, you should visit a dentist immediately. To achieve laser teeth whitening you will need to first place a rubber dam in your mouth. This prevents the whitening gel from reaching your gums. The gel is activated by a special dental light to make it oxygen. This oxygen penetrates your lower tooth enamel levels, giving you a brighter smile. The process takes approximately 30 minutes. You can expect some sensitivity for up to two days.